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Check out what the former Mr. Universe Natural, Ian Walling, had to say about the Muscle Wizard:



"The Muscle Wizard has been useful to me personally as well as for my patients. Having a tool that I can use to treat myself as well as empower my patients to do the same has reduced the time I spend releasing trigger points and allowed me to work on more important exercises and stretches for long term results"
Felix U.
Registered Physiotherapist


"I suffer from a sore neck and shoulders from sitting in front of a computer for most of the day. Using the Muscle Wizard was such a relief as I could easily stretch and loosen up tight muscles that caused me pain and headaches. Now I can get through my workday without having to take pain medicine."
Sara K.
Toronto, Canada


Everyone with general aches and pains get some form of benefit from the Muscle Wizard. What about Muscle Recovery? Check out Mimmo's short interview on how the Muscle WIzard helps him recover from his workouts. He's even spending less time going to the chiropractor now.


"I suffer from chronic back & knee pain and the Muscle Wizard helps me in between treatment sessions, or when I am unable to get into therapy. 
The Muscle Wizard helps me stretch and get a deep tissue massage to work out any kinks. It is compact enough that I can bring it with me in my purse and I use it at work, at home and have even brought it golfing with me! There are so many different ways to use it - and there are always new ways being added. It is a great therapeutic tool for anyone with aches and pains (it is not just limited to the back and knee!) and I would definitely recommend it!"
Sylvia L.
Brampton, Canada