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How It Works

Health and fitness professionals have only one word to describe the Muscle Wizard: "Simple". It’s the easiest way to target all your aches and pains.Check out some of the videos below that helps describe how the Muscle Wizard really works.

Got Back Pain?

We know how tight and sore our backs can be, whether you sit at the office all day,or put your body through the stresses of a physical workout. Wouldn't it be nice to find a hands - free solution to relieving those muscle knots

Check out the following short video on how to use the Muscle Wizard over the low back. This is just one of many videos that you get through your Training DVD and Online Membership Access when you purchase a Muscle Wizard:


Work in an office or work out on the sports field?

We got something for everyone!


Sitting on a computer all day can lead to sore forearm and wrist muscles. Putting your body through workouts or sports training can really stress out your arms or legs. Nothing beats a nice deep tissue massage to relieve those aches and pains. But treatments can get expensive. And doing it by hand can get tiring.

Lets not even mention trying to convince your friend or loved one to do it!

Check out the following video on how to give yourself a deep tissue massage with ease, just by using the Muscle Wizard: