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Athletic Injuries

Whether you’re a WEEKEND WARRIOR or whether you’re an ELITE ATHLETE, your muscle pain should not be holding you back.

Keeping your muscles pain-free is important.

Don’t let injuries get in your way. Don’t let injuries STOP you from focusing and moving towards your fitness and sports goals.

What do you do when you get nagging aches and pains? Do you seek treatment from therapists? Some of the most effective treatments, such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, or Active Release Technique® can quickly add up in costs.

What if there was a tool that allows you to recreate the same type of treatments you get in therapy, without leaving your wallet empty?

The Muscle Wizard is a patent pending tool that can give you similar effects. The tool is portable and simple to use. A few minutes a day and your body will thank you.


How It Works

  • The Muscle Wizard uses your own body leverage to apply hands free over-pressure on tender and trigger points.
  • Slide the Wizard Fingers over the tender muscle and the other end over another body part, such as the knee or foot. Apply gentle pressure with your knee. You can easily adjust and control the amount of pressure you apply
  • The position can easily be held for several minutes without any fatigue or discomfort
  • Effortlessly apply stripping massage without stressing your hands, mimicking the myofascial release or active release techniques® that therapists use today
  • Perform self myofascial release and save costs on treatments, or use to stay in top shape in between treatments.

Muscle Wizard Features

  • Patent pending tool that contains 4 specially formulated knobs that mimic the human thumb. 
  • Adjustable strap that can fit around almost every muscle area
  • Portable enough to carry with you anywhere you go
  • Ability to adjust the amount of pressure you need. No more painful treatments. You control the pressure. 

Some Conditions That Respond Favorably To The Muscle Wizard:

  • Rotator cuff tendinitis
  • Runner's knee
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Hamstring strains
  • Shin Splints

Our Fanatical After Sales Support

The Muscle Wizard comes with a full training DVD video. Once you purchase the Muscle Wizard, you'll be given access to our exclusive membership website,  where we'll be posting new educational videos and answering customer questions. With countless therapists, doctors and customers providing feedback, we can guarantee there isn't a question you have that won't go unanswered.