Muscle News Daily May 01 2014, 0 Comments

Can spinal stabilization exercises increase size of low back muscles?

Lumbar stabilization exercises are often used for those with low back pain, but do they really work? A new study (get your full free research paper here) not only looked at pain relief for those with degenerative disc disease, but also the ability to reduce atrophy in multifidus and psoas major muscles. 

After 8 weeks, that's exactly what the results were. Not only was disability and pain reduced, but there was an increase in the cross sectional area of the multifidus and psoas muscles. 

Looking for an article that gives you the other side of the argument? There's a great read at the sports physio blog that questions the use of core stability training for chronic low back pain. It's always good to get various views on this subject.

Which wrist muscles get the greatest stress in non - neutral positions?

We all know the importance of proper neutral wrist positions at work. That's why i love this new study that came out that looked at the stresses on the wrist muscles in non neutral wrist positions. They assessed the stresses during tapping. 

They found that the wrist extensor muscles were under more stress than the flexors. This just goes to show how important wrist neutral positions are if you're sitting around typing away at your computer all day. 

What's the re-rupture rate of post surgical distal biceps tendon repair?

Do you see patients or clients that have surgery for their biceps tendon rupture? Ever wonder what the rate of re-rupture is? A study in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery found a re-rupture rate of about 1.5 %. This all occurred within 3 weeks after repair. Next time you have someone that just had the surgery or looking to get it, tell them that the surgery is usually successful, and to be really really careful in the first few weeks!