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How many times a week do you need to workout to see results?

Two really interesting studies came out looking at whether frequency of resistance training made any difference on muscle mass. One study also looked at strength and involved young untrained men, while the other looked at overweight postmenopausal women. The results were interesting. In the young men group, turns out that there was no difference in muscle mass whether you do the same exercises once or twice a week. A few of the trainers i know already seem to understand this. Its called rest. Although the study only looked at one exercise, it would have been more interesting to see what would happen if someone worked out 3 days a week, but did one body part once a week. Rest is just as important as the workout itself.

On that note, the other study with postmenopausal women looked at just that. They had someone exercise 1, 2 or 3 times per week. Again, frequency was not a determinant of muscle mass. The most interesting part of the study was that 3 times a week led to better effects on inflammation, such as levels of C Reactive Protein (CRP). Moral of the story is that you don't need to hit the same muscle group more than once per week, but health wise, the more you do weight training, the better over health you are going to attain.

Working intrinsic foot muscles is important. But which exercise is best?

For any type of foot pain, working the intrinsic muscles of the foot is an excellent way to have the patient take control of their health. Two exercises we often prescribe are the short foot exercise and the towel curl. However, which is the best? A new study looked into that and found that the short foot exercise performed better, but there were differing results from the dominant to the non dominant legs. In the end of the day, I usually prescribe both exercises. 

Short foot exercise video


Towel Curl Exercise